Ship Design

With a compliment of Naval Architects, Piping and Hull Designers we support and partner with Yards for implementation of digital design services. We provide a deeper insight into the design problems by integrating the traditional methods of first principles with digital methods.

Key Areas of Focus

Production Drawings
We partner with Shipyards for production drawing creation and documentation as per Yard specifications. We provide drawing creation support for all the major systems in the ship such as Hull, Piping, Electricals and Instrumentation, Structural Outfitting, Accommodation, Crew Quarters, HVAC and Engine Room.

Steel Structures
Hull Structural 3D modeling
Extraction of 2D Drawings
We have expertise to provide Assembly Drawings, Part Drawings, Sectional Drawings, BOM, Nesting, Block Lifting Information, Shell Plate development.

Production Drawings as per Yard specifications and standards with Class approved P&ID as the input
Equipment Modeling with Nozzle definitions
Pipe Arrangement Drawings and Pipe Routing
Pipe Spool Drawings, Isometrics
Extraction of Pipe fabrication drawings
Hangers and Supports Modeling

Our Service offerings in Ship Design includes production drawing creation for steel outfittings such as Ladder, Galleys, Wheelhouse, deck, accommodation and crew quarters.
Expertise includes fabrication drawing creation , arrangement drawings, accommodation paneling, equipment layout drawings-Engine Room, Galleys, Machinery and equipment foundation drawing

Finecho Ship Building team has expertise in routing Cable trays and HVAC ducts. Clash management to check clashes between piping, ducts and cable trays can also be carried out by our team.
HVAC and Cable Tray arrangement drawing creation with penetration details.
Supports for HVAC and Cable Tray
Electrical and Instrumentation Drawing Creation, Routing of electrical Wires, Arrangement of Electrical Fittings such as switches, sensors in Crew Quarters