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Who We Are

We are led by professionals, each with over 20 years of experience in the field of engineering services. With this vast experience we have set up teams in multiple disciplines with competent, efficient, and committed professionals. We work with a passion for our work. We deliver projects with the same passion making our customers rely on us.

Our balanced approach to customers’ needs and its dynamic nature, along with quick response times has made us a go-to organisation for all our customers. We are a first stop shop for anything that they would need in terms of Engineering Services.

Our list of customers includes marquee names in Finland and the Nordic region. Though young, we have been growing at a steady and healthy pace since inception. We are aware of the potential for growth based on the deep insights we have with our customers. We also see the potential in the wealth of technical resources available in India. With this and an impeccable track record of deliveries, we are poised for growth and a bright future.



We value Integrity. We are honest, unbiassed and committed to work. We believe that everyone is by nature a good human being. We ensure that our work atmosphere and dealings nourish this in everyone and encourages it to grow.


Being professionals, we are sure of our abilities. We encourage and expect our teams to work while working and play while playing – strike the right Work-Life balance. We believe that a holistic work life balance will help teams excel in their work. This in turn has rewarded our customers well as we are able to keep to our commitments.


We take responsibility for ourselves, our commitments, our society and our nature. We believe that being responsible will also ensure sustainability.


This is non-negotiable. We place a high regard on discipline. We would like our employees to do things they are supposed to do even if they do not like it. To delegate effectively if and when they are unable to do it.
Founder and Promoter

Teemu Vihervä

We believe in providing measurable value to our customers. And we believe this can and should be done with the right work-life balance. We think in depth, plan meticulously and execute unwaveringly. As the leader of the organisation, I ensure that we provide the right platform for talent to grow and the freedom to our employees to challenge themselves and excel.

We tend to build long term engagements with customers. We are working on exciting, path breaking and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, we are building talented, dependable and nimble teams that our customers are happy to engage with.

Teemu Vihervä, Founder and Promoter

Shashidhar Sharma - CEO

Shashidhar Sharma - CEO

Mechanical Engineer with a Masters degree from the USA. 30 years of diverse experience in Manufacturing and Design. Started projects division in Technology company and successfully managed team of 100 Designer and Naval architects for Maersk Ship design consultancy.

Shashidhar Sharma - CEO

Shrikrishna HK - COO

Shrikrishna HK - COO

Tool Designer par excellence. Worked in manufacturing with European giants like George Fischer & Samsonite in Product. Design, Tool design, development and product testing. In Engineering services since 2004, handled mega projects in Ship Design, Plant and machinery, Helicopter interiors. Automotive etc. Lead Auditor ISO27000. Trained in QMS, PMBoK, Agile etc.

Shrikrishna HK - COO

Kasturi Rangan - Head, Software & Automation

Kasturi Rangan - Head, Software & Automation

Engineer with 30+ years of experience in the Software, Automation & Controls, Embedded systems and IoT development. Delivered large, global projects. Served as Head of Solution Engineering at Wipro EcoEnergy. Innovator with international recognition, awards and patents.

Kasturi Rangan - Head, Software & Automation

How we came to be

Company history

FinECHO Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2019 as a 100% owned subsidiary of the Finnish Engineering Consultancy Firm, Echo Engineering Oy.

Echo Engineering recognised that many leading Nordic Companies are in the need of quality Engineering Services. With this vision, Echo Engineering set up FinEcho in India, with a view to stablishing high quality engineering teams that work on cutting edge technology and can fulfil the need of Nordic Companies.

Echo Engineering Oy is a group Company of Kaiku HR Oy. Kaiku HR is an industrial staffing group, with over 700 employees.