Industrial Software

With cross domain experience we develop and deliver state of the art software for different use cases. Be it data collection, building tools for data analysis, visualisation, AI and ML, embedded firmware or PLC programming, we deliver projects that are robust, real time and efficient. We believe that it is most important to understand the logic of the requirement. Working closely with customer teams has helped the projects evolve faster and better. Many of our teams follow Agile methodology along with our customers. C++, Java, Python, Qt and other such languages being worked upon. We are exploring even the most recent entrant 'Rust.'

Key Areas of Focus

We involve from the design stage and architect systems that are best used for the requirement. We are adept at databases, different OSes and technologies and languages. We develop applications not only for end use cases, but also tools for other disciplines. Installation. commissioning and maintenance of large systems and machines are demanding activities. We develop tools that will help installers, commission engineers and maintenance engineers to execute their work with ease and be error free.

Representing data in an intuitive way through graphs, charts, objects etc., enable the end users to understand their own data better. They can glean more information from this and take informed decisions. We build visualisation tools that represent the same data in different ways – relevant to different stakeholders. Our customers are seeing the value of using a single source of truth to derive multiple interpretations.

Cloud data
What was true for large companies with amounts of data are now becoming true for medium and even small companies. The benefits of data on the cloud are being leveraged by most industries today. Combined with even evolving AI and ML logic, we are able to give our customers seamless improvements over time.

Our experience with special hardware from microcontrollers to processors has enabled us to deliver widely distributed IoT projects. Coupled with strong knowledge of standards and protocols, we are able to quickly realise POCs and then build on these products with large deployments.