Heavy Engineering/Machinery-SPM

Our Multi-Dimensional approach to solving customer’s challenges has enabled us to provide business outcomes in a cost-effective manner. The deep thinking, innovative and agile solutions provided by Finecho has made us a trusted partner of our customers.

Key Areas of Focus

Product Design

At Finecho, there is a focus on new product development initiatives, improving existing designs, check for design flaws and redesign from first principles combined with digital methods. We suggest alternatives, innovate and optimize the product design. Our mantra is “Faster time to Market”

The extensive experience that the Finecho team has built over the years helps us address a wide range of problems of our customers across industrial segments. Our team can deliver high quality CAD modelsto committed schedules.

We offer a wide range of CAD solutions such as 3D Modeling of structures, Parametric Modeling, Part Modeling, Assembly Modeling and surface modeling. Creation of manufacturing drawings from models as per customer standards and specifications. We are platform neutral and use cutting edge CAD tools to deliver high quality Models and drawings.

Our extensive domain expertise combined with the Simulation Knowledge provides a deep dive into the structural Integrity of Structures and help identify design flaws leading to early correction in design approach. We use leading edge simulation tools for performing Finite Element Analysis, giving rich insights into critical failure regions and lifetime calculations.